Buy and sell shares

You can buy and sell shares through more than 20 different banks and brokerage firms who are members of Merkur Market, Oslo Børs. To see the list of member firms, click here. Once you get into the link open the document, “Complete membership list (PDF)”, on the right-hand side. In the various trading systems, you will find us by typing our ticker KOLKAP-ME.

If you need help with how to buy and sell shares via your bank, you can either contact your bank or broker firm directly or contact us. We have attach guides, via the following links, to some of the largest banks in Norway, which can be seen by clicking on the bank names below.



SpareBank 1



If you have questions call us at +47 415 64 194 or send us an email at


One of our borrowers, Marta, rolling a dough.