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Banco D-MIRO is located in Guayaquil, a city with over 3,000,000 inhabitants, in Ecuador. Banco D-MIRO is owned by The Mission Alliance in Norway and was founded in 1997 in relation to education and health as The Mission Alliance operates in Guayaquil. Banco D-MIRO changed, in the summer of 2011, their status from a foundation to a microfinance institution regulated as a bank. It is therefore now subject to local banking supervisory authority, which provides new challenges for a relatively small institution. The bank currently has over 40,000 borrowers with 14 offices and a loan portfolio of approximately 56 million U.S. dollars (USD). As at the end of 2017, the loan from Kolibri Kapital was approximatley 508,000 USD.

Banco D-MIRO has received several international awards for its ability to provide quality services to the poor. In 2009, it ranked as the third best microfinance institution in Latin America by the Inter-American Development Bank. Banco D-MIRO received a 5 Diamond rating from Mix Market in October 2013 due to improve transparency, quality and reliability of the information they are able to provide.

Their website is in only available Spanish here.


Diaconia-FRIF (D-FRIF) in La Paz in Bolivia was Kolibri Kapital’s first loan client. D-FRIF has a loan portfolio of approximately 97 million USD with over 69,000 borrowers and 53 offices. Their mission is to help increase the income of people with few resources in rural and semi-urban areas through access to financial services. Borrowers are given the opportunity, by increasing financial resources, to build a better life for themselves and their family.

The microfinance institution is today a foundation which was started in 1991 by The Mission Alliance and NORAD. Kolibri Kapital began with a loan of 100,000 USD which was increased to a total loan size of 850,000 USD in 2007.

Their website is only available in Spanish here.


Georgian Credit JSC was established in 2006 with their head office in Tbilisi, Georgia. Their main objective is to provide fast and high quality financial services to the poor. Georgian Credit has a loan portfolio of just under 5 million USD with over 3,000 borrowers served by six offices in urban areas. Georgian Credit also operates in rural areas through individual field officers.

In the summer of 2013 Kolibri Kapital became Georgian Credit’s first institutional investor with a loan of 300,000 USD, opening the door for the possibility of other institutional investors investing in Georgian Credit. In 2014 Kolibri increased the loan to a total of 400,000 USD.

Their website is available in English here.


La Sagrada Familia is located in La Paz in Bolivia. By lending money to La Sagrada Familia is Kolibri Kapital a step closer in its lending policies. While most of Kolibri Kapital’s borrowers are relatively established, La Sagrada Familia is a small and newly established, in 2006, institution.

La Sagrada Familia’s main focus is poverty alleviation in its lending strategy. Their minimum loan is 40 USD (240 NOK) while their average loan is approximately 470 USD (2,700 NOK). The bank currently has over 4,000 borrowers with 8 offices and a loan portfolio of over 4.5 million USD. Kolibri Kapital has provided a loan of 200,000 USD which was increased to a total loan size of 550,000 USD in 2015.

Their website is only available in Spanish here.


Strømme Microfinance East Africa (SMF EA) was established in 2004, by Strømme Foundation with the vision of eradicating poverty from the region of East Africa. SMF EA provides not only loans to microfinance institutions in Uganda, South Sudan, Kenya and Tanzania, but also provide capacity building support, guarantees and equity investments for their clients. During 2013, SMF EA was able to work with 30 partner institutions, reaching 1.3 million people.

Kolibri Kapital first provided a loan of 700 000 USD to SMF EA in 2010, which was repaid in 2012. In 2013, Kolibri Kapital was happy to renew the partnership with SMF EA by providing a loan of 600 000 USD which was increased to a total loan size of 850,000 USD in 2015.

Their website is available in English here.